Adding flash to a Nexus 7

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Adding Flash support to the Google Nexus 7 can be accomplished in two simple steps:

  1. Download Adobe Flash Play 11.1 apk here or download it from XDA Developers. After the file has downloaded open and install it. Please be sure that “Install from unkown sources” is checked off in the Android settings for the Nexus 7.
  2. Install Firefox Beta browser from the Android Market.

That’s it, now you have Flash support on your Android 4.1 (JellyBean) Google Nexus 7 tablet! Couple things to note:

1. This will NOT work with the current build of Google Chrome. A dev may fix this in the future but Google nor Adobe will be adding Flash support to any future builds of Android. I’ve also tried the plugin with ICS+ Browser and Dolphin Browser HD, both of which don’t work with the method used above. FireFox seems to be the only browser currently that works with the flash plugin in Android 4.1.

2. By default FireFox Beta has plugins set to “on demand”, which can cause some minor inconviences, however you can remedy this problem by going to:

  • FireFox Beta settings (three dots to right corner) -> Settings -> Plugins -> Select: Enabled


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  • Firefox is not compatible with the device. Can’t get it installed.

    • Use the Firefox Beta app, not the actual Firefox.

  • Sorry I didn’t link to the beta of Firefox, you can get it here:

    The link above has been updated as well.

  • Thanks for post. I used your links for apk and ff beta, both of which installed fine. But, now what do I do? I opened ff and a black screen for Settings Manager Mobile appeared but nothing loads in the page. I want to watch video on CNN and Google News but still can’t do so. Am I missing a final step? I’ve tried clicking the Flash Player Settings icon using both chrome and ff and both give me that black blank screen. Did i do something wrong? I really appreciate your help and time!!

    • Hey b,
      Chrome won’t work at all with flash so don’t try there. When I first opened Firefox and tried flash I got a black screen too but when I looked closer it said to tap to start the plugin because by default FF has plugins on demand. I set the default to have plugins run and I have flash playing fine. Let me know if this helps.

    • Download and install these .apk’s ——->

      Then install either Firefox Beta or Mozilla Aurora.

      Works for me.

  • Everything worked like a charm until I get to the point you mentioned in your last reply: “tap to start the plugin” but it will not accept any response from the touchscreen on that button. Nothing I do activates that darned button. Any other suggestions?

    • I’m not sure why it’s doing this. When I see the “tap to start…” I can click anywhere in the window and it will start the plugin. Have you tried setting the plugins to start automatically instead of on demand?

  • Thank you so much! Woot, Amazon Prime instant videos!

  • Your suggestion to check the plugin default setting helped. On Firefox…settings…plugins, I was able to change it from “tap to start” to “start automatically” and that did the trick. The Amazon Prime videos are now playing beautifully. Thanks so much for the original post and for the extra help you gave. :-) All very much appreciated.

  • Some websites still do not play flash video content. I watch internet tv on an australian newspaper website:
    On Chrome, I get info saying need to download Adobe flash player
    On Firefox beta, it begins to load and then just continues to load with the circle icon.
    Any other ideas?
    many thanks

  • By default Firefox was redirecting me to the mobile version of the iPlayer site. I had to select Request Desktop Site in the FF settings. Works fine now! Thanks

  • Worked fine for me. The BBC desktop website now plays all its flash videos.

  • I’d advise using Opera Mobile, as it is a) a better browser b) has had Flash support on Android for much longer than Fennec and is much more stable.

    • Do you have working Opera + Flash on Nexus 7? I can’t figure it out yet. I got the flash installed though from APKs off my phone updated from Play (removed and reinstalled on phone). Flash

  • Had to reboot my Nexus 7, now works perfectly.

  • worked perfectly. Follow the steps and this will work fine. many thanks for sharing.

  • I’ve tried this fix with both Aurora (Firefox Alpha) and Firefox Beta, and the results are decidedly buggy.

    When I go to a site like and try to watch full videos there, it either crashes or I can watch brief “flashes” of the video every few seconds (but with full audio) – it’s the most bizarre thing ever.

    Also, when I go to other flash sites, you’ll hear the audio but see a blank, white screen where the video is supposed to be. I have to switch to another tab (after the video starts playing), and then switch back to the video tab in order to actually see the video.

    More bugs: sometimes (not all the time), the browser crashes when I attempt to switch to full-screen, and if I switch to another app after pausing the video first, Firefox becomes unstable and crashes.

    Very strange and unpredictable behavior here, and I only hope that Firefox can fix all these issues fast.

    As it stands, this is really the only alternative we have. I have read that the AOSP browser works great, but that requires rooting your Nexus 7, and I really don’t want to go down that road!

  • Works fine for me too (when Request Desktop site in FF Beta)… thank you for this thread :-)

  • I am bummed. Tried everything you all mentioned above. I still can’t get it to work. :(
    Any other ideas on what I could be doing wrong?


    • What website are you trying to view?

  • Works great on Nexus 7 – a big THANK YOU.
    I can now read my electronic edition of the local paper that is provided on Olive Softwares Flash based web page… Sacramento Bee…
    This patch allows me to view it in Firefox Beta – I was pulling my hair out!
    Will apply fix to Samsung Galaxy S2 ATT version which now has ICS – which I assume won’t play flash either :) – Haven’t checked yet..

  • Dolphin Engine Beta also allows flash. You can use an older build of Dolphin HD also, but you seem to lose pinch and zoom on the Nexus 7.

  • Thanks so much for this. I bought a Nexus 7 for my girlfriend and was so horrified to find it
    didn’t play Flash I was about to return it. I’m assuming if I don’t update Firefox Beta it will continue to perform. Am I correct? Thanks again.

    • Yes, I wouldn’t update it as they may close this loop hole in later builds. It’s also a good idea to make a backup of the current build and store it somewhere remote (like dropbox) so if something happens to the Nexus 7 or the app is updated by accident you will have a backup. I use ES File explorer to backup all my apps.

  • The Nexus 7 not directly supporting Flash is a major problem for a media consumption device as there will be still many websites using the flash for the next 2 years and beyond. The Nexus 7 was on my must have list.. but having discovered that it doesn’t support flash means its no longer a tablet worth owning at the moment – May be in 2 years time but not now.

  • Thanks – works perfect. FINALLY !

  • Works fine for me. Thanks man!


    now i can watch my Amazon Video Library (where i have tons of videos I do NOT want to repurchase).

  • Admin,
    I have went through everything that everyone has said and can’t get the black screen to go away on Firefox. I went to settings-plugins- then enabled instead of tap to start. I even put it to desktop and I still have a black screen. PLEASE help!

  • Does Nexus 7 have java installed?

  • Well…mine isn’t working…on my nexus 7 it keeps saying on bff iPlayer ‘not supported’ I did all the steps…I need help…

  • “after the file has downloaded open and install it”
    Okay, so I clicked on the link and downloaded.
    I don’t have the slightest inkling of how to open the file.
    Where do I look, what do I do?
    Or did it not actually download?
    Please help.

    • never mind, I found it.

  • Thanks a lot.. that worked just fine

  • can u play farmville with this?

  • I’ve done all the steps you’ve posted and it seems like the flash player is there. When I go to use it though it doesn’t work. I’m trying to make a shutterfly book and it says it needs Adobe flashplayer 10.1.We downloaded 11.1 and iIcan’t seem to get it to work. Anyone have any ideas??

  • I tried this fix on my Nexus 7, IT WORKED, like a champ. I’m already a Firefox user and the install was a snap. THANKS MAN.

  • hi be fore i buy google nexus 7 can i put flashplayer on it

  • Thx man. Little choppy on some sites. Works good. Better then nothing!!


  • thank you!

  • Dont try to install flash in chrome or firefox, some time it crash firefox and chrome browser on android 4.1.
    Thats why google stop flash for android devices

  • Thanks so much! So much easier and well explained than other tutorials on this! Great work!

  • resulted perfectly on my google nexus 7 ….. thank you very much

  • this totally worked for the shutterfly access. note to @jb, make sure you installed the adobe. go to downloads, then you have to actually install it after that. works like a charm. thanks!

  • I’m stuck on the ‘a plugin is needed to display this content’ screen despite enabling plugins in FF Beta settings. Any other suggestions??

  • Im thinking of buying the nexus 7 for my wife for xmas instead of the ipad II … but she mostly just plays games from and…can she still play those games on the nexus 7?

    • Mike – did you get any feedback on this? I have the Nexus 7 and wanted to play pogo games on it. I dowlloaded the pogo app for android and there are only about 5 games available to play. Very disappointing to say the least. Nexus will not go directly to and allow me to play all of the games.

  • I did everything as you said but it seems to be playing just the audio but with no picture? Please help?

  • [...] and enjoy your new browser that has Flash capability. You can side load the latest Flash going here  when on your tablet. Just use the download link for Flash ignore Firefox since you now have the [...]

  • Hi! I did everything but after installation of flash it is redirected to settings in adobe(Settings Manager Mobile) andin the screen a note saying ‘A plugin is needed to display this content”.

    How can I solve this?

  • Totally freaking worked! Appreciate it, now I can watch my movies on my tablet!! Thanks again!!

  • Thanks so much , able to watch my beloved Liverpool on football streaming websites using my Nexus 7 without having to fork out for overpriced Sky Subscription .

  • I am still having problems, I downloaded the FireFox Beta, and the Adobe Flash, I am trying to view Duck Dynasty Videos, when I click on the plug in, the screen stays black, it does say now playing but the screen is black, HELP. I have a Nexus 7 tablet

  • Many thanks to OP for all the help!

  • Oh please help, thank you, I am having same trouble as Kim, above – black screen but says “now playing” – I had this working and one day it stopped and now I can’t watch all my videos from Amazon – help help – this tablet seems not too nice, wish I had not boughtl

  • i have nexus 7 with 4.2 android i t s same procedure ? first download flash player 11 and app. firefox beta ? thanks

  • Thank you!!! This was driving me crazy. Followed your instructions and worked perfectly. Thank you again!

  • I still can not get shinetv on this device, nexus 7. Have done the recommenced downloads.

  • Nexus7, Android 4.2.2

    Just did what the intro said and it worked. Yay!!!! Now I can watch ABC Iview.

    What’s more I can now get the Missus away fro the Ipad (which needs replacing) onto Android.

    She says whatever I get her must play Iview.

    Thanks heaps.

  • Hello,
    I did all steps to install Flash but I still cannot play in yahoo games. The message that appears is that I have no Java plug in installed. What to do?


  • Can i able to play LIVE indian tv channels on nexus 7c (2012). If yes then how ?

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